Aficionados of jewelry design can experiment and explore their creativity at Incandescent, an Assamblage class on colored glass design. Taking place during November 17 and 19, the class welcomes both experienced people and new-comers in the art of jewelry.

During the three days, participants will experience working with various materials used in contemporary jewelry design: colored glass, exotic wood essences, metal (silver, brass, copper). They will learn to shape glass which will later be integrated in their own design. Glass is brought into liquid form by using fire and modeled with the help of gravitation, each participant being able to combine it in various colors and models.

Each will have a project of his/ her own, depending on the level of knowledge. The general focus is on learning the basic techniques in modeling hot glass and harmonizing the obtained pieces with other materials in order to obtain a whole object.

Incandescent is held by designers David Sandu and Camelia Lupu, comprising 21 hours of class, from Monday to Wednesday, from 10:00 to 17:00. The participation fee is EUR 220.

Assamblage, the contemporary jewelry school, was set-up a few years ago by David Sandu, one of the best-known contemporary jewelry designer in Romania. Since its founding in 2010, more than 300 persons have graduated over 85 classes at Assamblage.