Before the release of their new album, Romanian band Les Elephants Bizarres decided to join forces with younger Romanian band Changing Skins and offer the audience a live concert in Why? Not Club (formerly Jukebox) in Bucharest on February 1, 2013.

Les Elephants Bizarres is a Romanian band founded in 2007 by Stefan Matei (voice), Proka (Voice and guitar), Hasan Nabulsi (bass), Claudiu Stirbei (drums) and Nae (synthesizers). The group manage to leave traces on the local music scene, exceeding 150 live performances in clubs and festival scenes. The group boasts an impressive portfolio of concerts such as: “Underlondon (2009)”, StufStock (2008,2009), BESTFEST (2009, 2012). Peninsula Festival (Timisoara, 2012).

Changing Skins is a Bucharest fresh band formed in 2009 at the initiative of Horatiu Ghibu (voice) and Stefan Mustata (guitar), who approaches a healthy and honest hard-rock without ceremony. Their success began with their first released songs “Ain’t Worth It” and “Perfect Foes”, the first one being intensely broadcast on radio and the second won the public admiration at the “Tuborg Sound” final.

The concert will start at 21:00 , and the entry costs RON 20 can be purchased on the door.