Lura, one of the most popular morna voices, will perform in Bucharest on January 24th at the Hard Rock Café. This will be the artist’s first concert in Romania. Considered the national music of Green Cape, the morna is a music and dance genre with instrumentation which often includes the cavaquinho, clarinet, accordion, violin, piano and guitar.

Born in Portugal, Lura released five albums so far, the first one in 1996. She rose to international attention after singing alongside Cesaria Evora. Critics define her music as offering strong and lively tempos, in the style of the batuque or morna traditions. Her album releases so far include: Nha Vida (1996), In Love (2002), Di Korpu Ku Alma (2005), M’bem di fora (2006), Eclipse (2009), Herança (2015).

Tickets, priced RON 70 to RON 95, are available at

Photo source: Wikipedia