On Saint Nicolas’ Day, Muse Bistro and Morgan la Dud dedicate an entire day to kids and parents passionate about cooking and healthy food. On December 6 at 12:00, after the morning the children open the presents they receive on Saint Nicholas’ Day, the two restaurants in Bucharest will host the first edition of the Open Kitchen Day for Kids.
Accompanied by a parent, or both, the kids will enter the restaurant kitchen to see how it looks like, what utensils chefs use or what can you do with the oven. Afterwards, kids are awaited in the salon to take part in interactive games; at Muse Bistro, entertainment includes the presence of a clown. The program ends with a dinner especially created for that day.
The fee for a child and parent is RON 80 (EUR 18). For the second parent, RON 50 (EUR 41) will add to the fee, for a second child – RON 30 (EUR 6.5). 20 packages (parent & child) are available for each location. Reservations are made only by phone.