The National Honey Fair takes place this weekend (September 19 – 21) in Bucharest. The fall edition starts everyday at 10:00 at the Băneasa beekeeping platform (42 Ficusului Blvd, district 1).

The fair includes over 100 participants, from beekeepers to specialized producers. Offers available at the fair vary from products obtained directly from the apiary, to conditioned beekeeping products or other byproducts derived from them – nutritional supplements, drugs, cosmetics, etc.

“Beekeepers make efforts to come here with a diversified range of natural products brought directly from the source and at acceptable prices, reduced compared to those found in stores.” declared for Agerpres the President of Romania Beekeepers Association (ACA), Ioan Fetea.

The National Honey Fair is the perfect spot to try out and get acquainted with the wonderful products of the beehive – honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, nutritional supplements and cocktails, all natural products coming from the richness of nature, as well as the hard work of bees and beekeepers.