Cervantes Institute in Bucharest is the music show Nuovo Tango Quinted featuring Marili Machado, scheduled to take place on October 20 at ArCuB hall in Bucharest. The event supports the Argentine Embassy in Romania.

Marili Machado is a famous artist from Buenos Aires with a voice that echoes the famous tango vibration . The artists loves various styles of Latin American music , performing in many recitals through South America and Central America. She was part of several distribution shows such as” Che , el argentino musical ” directed by Daniel Suarez Marzal (2009) , ” El conventillo from paloma ” , directed by Santiago Doria (2010 ) and ” From Novice rebelde ” directed by Jonathan Butterel ( 2011) .

Tickets are priced between RON 27 and Ron 35, depending on the category, and can be purchased from bilete.ro.