The fifth edition of the Strada de C’Arte (The Book Street) festival will take place between September 21st and September 25th in the area surrounding the statue of Carol I, in front of the Bucharest University Library.

The event starts on Wednesday, at 16:00 and ends Sunday, at 19:00.

The most important publishing houses in Romania and several other institutions will be present at the event. The festival targets all age groups, with dedicated events for very young readers and a Children’s Street. The event includes exhibitions, book launches, debates and conferences, film screenings, concerts and workshops.

“Six debates, six film screenings, six concerts, theater, public readings, book donations sent to Romanian schools abroad, six workshops for children, names such as [e.n director] Cristian Mungiu, [musician] Nicu Alifantis and [painter and sculptor] Mircia Dumitrescu will all offer a treat for the public,” explained Mireille Radoi, the general director of the Carol I University Library in Bucharest.

Photo: Strada de C’Arte Facebook page