The Gerar half marathon has become a tradition among runners in Romania, being the first race of the year. Over 500 professional runners, amateurs and fans of outdoor workout are expected on January’s last Sunday, January 25, in the park of the Politehnica University in Bucharest. The event is organized by two running sports club in partnership with the Politehnica University.

Gerar (old name of January in Romanian, referring to harsh cold) includes a 3,6 km cross, a 10,8 km cross and a 21 km half-marathon. The first two races are for individuals only, while the half marathon is open to teams of three runners. Limited places are available at the races, in order to avoid crowding the trail run and risking the participants’ safety. Registration for the 3,6 km cross and the 21 km half-marathon are still open at the moment, but the 10,8 km cross is already closed, having fully booked places.

Participation fees are differentiated depending on the number of competitors already registered at the moment when a new participant fills out the registration form. As a result, the participation fee for the 3,6 km cross ranges from RON 35 to RON 55 per person, while for the half marathon the fee ranges from RON 90 to RON 120 per team member. More details are available on the official website.

Due to the difficulty caused by weather conditions during winter, any participants at Gerar must be over 18.