Arts and Events Center Noblesse Palace organizes and hosts on July 23, starting at 19:00, an evening Belle Epoque style, with a true evocation of Bucharest elitist society of the end of the nineteenth century, being a revival of some long forgotten manners specific to Little Paris. Belle Epoque evening is a unique concept, specifically developed for premium audience among lovers of art, music and dance.

In this exclusive event, the harmonies of music and dance magic will combine in an effervescent way, reviving a lifestyle long gone. With a strong cultural load, but with a charm typical of the end of the nineteenth century – beginning of the twentieth century, this evening provides the perfect escape from everyday life, but also an insight into Romanian society at the turn of the century, with its customs, habits, refinement and specific traditionalism that time.

This event is particular created for diplomats and business men and the access will be possible only with personal invitation.

Reservations can be made by e-mailing [email protected] or by calling 0749 232 311.