(P) Summer is coming, and we thought it is about time we make an English 3 days tour of the caves in Mehedinti together with Cristian Lascubetween 10 – 12 of July. This way we can put together a multicultural team for a cave walking experience. It is a great chance for expats to get to know another side of our country and one of the most interesting & valuable characters we’ve got.

As always, the experience revolves around Cristian Lascu, a world renowned speleologist and one of the most well known in this “branch” in Romania. He started National Geographic Magazine in Romania about 12 Years ago where he was chief editor until early this year. Most importantly he knows the caves like the back of his hand, their history, genesis and turmoil’s – a real life Encyclopedia.

We’ll get to experience the caves through his eyes. Some are really big, giving you the feeling of walking into a cathedral; others are smaller but rich with life and spectacular limestone formations. One of the big caves has a stream going through it so we’ll go in our wetsuits, others are dry, and we can enter using regular outdoor clothes.

We stay in basic conditions in a cabin owned by GESS (The group of underwater caves exploration ). We will have all the basic facilities: rooms, kitchen, a roof over our heads, an outdoor grill, toilet and even a shower. The view of the surroundings though is anything but basic.

For those interested in joining this cave walking experience, we bring the specific gear for those who don’t have them, so there is no need to buy it.

What you need to bring with you / remember, if you are missing a piece of equipment, we’ll bring it for you, except the clothes:

  • outdoor clothes
  • safety helmet (climbing, snowboard, ski, skateboard, etc. are all ok)
  • headlamp
  • wetsuit & wet shoes
  • wool socks (they keep you warm even if they get wet)
  • a small backpack
  • waterproof “zip bags” for the stuff you don’t want to get wet but “insist” of keeping with you

Maximum number of participants we can handle: 13

Participation fee: 190 Euros (equivalent in RON)

To join us please fill in the Registration form.

* Please mention in the registration form that you are joining this event via City Compass / Romania Insider.

**The fee includes your participation, accommodation in the GESS cabin & all the food we need there + a really cool photographer to capture the experience.

*** The fee does not include transportation to and from the location (Jupanesti, Mehedinti county). Based on our experience, the most efficient, comfortable and cheap way to travel is in small cars and the passengers of a car split the cost between them.

(p) – this article is an advertorial

City Compass Media is media partner of this event.