Communist Bucharest, Odds and Ends A philanthropic urban exploration contest 

(A) Maybe you’ve just arrived in Bucharest or lived here for a while. Whether you’re confused, intrigued or enchanted by its potpourri of styles and moods, this is a challenge to get close and personal with the more introverted side of Bucharest’s personality, inherited from the communist era, while at the same time empowering its citizens to shape their community.

How much has the communist regime impacted the urban landscape, the public space and life of the city’s neighbourhoods? More than 20 years later, what is left of the communist “heritage”? Is it just odds and ends, or does it still constrain the architectural evolution and lifestyle of large parts of the city? This is your opportunity to experience and find answers for yourself, to get to know exciting people, test your competitiveness and win special prizes.

The Resource Center for public participation ( invites you to be an urban explorer for one day, on June 30th or July 1st. The competition to explore one of Bucharest’s communist neighbourhoods will start at 15h00. At the end of the day, you will find out the winners, share experience with other explorers and chat with experts in the history of the city. The meeting point will be one of the nomenklatura houses (communist party’s elite, actually Ceausescu’s parents in law) in the exclusive Primăverii neighbourhood. The nice evening air will be just perfect for stories, beers and lots of lemonade.

You’ll be part of a four-member team. You can either convince your friends to join you in the competition or you can join a team we form.

Up for it?

To find out more about the competition and become a participant, access

All participation fees to the contest contribute to a program empowering citizens of Bucharest to solve problems of their own community (through CeRe’s free of charge Permanent Advocacy Service – details here and here).

(A) stands for advertising. This is a partner event.