The traditional St. Nicholas Fair will take place between December 3rd and December 5th at the National Romanian Peasant Museum in Bucharest.

More than 100 craftsmen, with skills such as pottery, iron making, spoon making, weaving, sewing, knitting, tailoring or icon-making, from all over the world, will bring the items that they have crafted over the year at the fair.

Those going to the fair will be able to admire and purchase such items as: toys, mass, traditional Romanian clothing, jewelry, shoes, weave baskets, pottery, icons, accessories, furniture, carpets, and food – ginger bread, honey, pieces, plum brandy and more.

The fair is open between. 10:00 and 18:00. Entrance tickets cost RON 4 and RON 2 for pensioners, pupils and students.

Saint Nicholas is celebrated by the Orthodox Church on December 6. It is the celebration that kicks off the holiday season in Romania. On the eve of St. Nicholas children will find gifts in their boots if they behaved well over the year or a stick if they behaved badly.