The photo exhibition Chile, a country of extremes, is open at the Cervantes Institute in Bucharest until the end of August.

The exhibition includes 30 photographs taken between 2012 and 2016 by Radu Vatcu, the founder and a guide of Extreme Travel, an adventure tourism agency in Romania.

“Chile is a fascinating paradise of contrasts: from glaciers to volcanoes, from glacial lakes to trekking tracks in breathtaking landscape, from waterfalls to fiords. I’ve been to Chile many times with our customers but I would return anytime to tell the story of this fascinating country, through words or images, as it is the case now,” Vatcu explains.

At a ceremony held in Bogota, Chile was recognized in 2015 by World Travel Awards as the best destination in Latin America for adventure tourism. It competed in this category against destinations such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay. Chile hosted last year in Puerto Varas the World Summit of Adventure Tourism, where 60 countries participated.

The exhibition can be visited Monday to Friday, from 09:30 to 15:00.