Anyone who is curious about the fascinating world of science can find out more about it at the European Reserchers’ Night, on Friday, September 26. Drones, robots, laser shows, optical illusions, levitation, liquid metal, or astronomical observations through the microscope, virtual travel through the solar system and other unpublished experiments await visitors.

Researchers, engineers, explorers and inventors meet science fans in university camps or downtown in Bucharest and 15 other cities such as Iași, Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara or Constanța. The program starts at 17:00 for all participating cities and is available on the official website:

The kids in the public can enjoy taking part in novel experiments, have fun with creativity games in the kids’ areas set up in most locations and can take part in competitions with prizes. Captivating conferences are also included in the program, so make sure you get the chance to take part in the event activities by booking your place in advance on the same website.

This year’s edition has a double theme, proposed by two organizing teams:

#R4H, short for #Researchers4Humanity, proposes activities and information on the way scientific research contributes to the progress of humanity,

#doyouspeakscience reminds the public that science is a language itself, beyond linguistic boarders, and organizes activities which reveal science in a manner comprehensible to all.

In Bucharest, Researchers’ Night takes in Tineretului Park, Sincai Entrance. The event program for Bucharest:

Bucharest event page is also available.