The first woman to embrace base guitar, legendary Suzi Quatro will perform in Romania’s capital this summer, on July 10, 2015 at Sala Palatului.

To the success of Quatro’s first album (1973) contributed song written by music icons John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Otis Blackwell, Elvis Presley and Mike Chapmann. Her first great hit from that album – ,,Can The Can” – sold over 2 million and a half copies worldwide.

Between 1973 and 1980, the base player stayed in the UK charts for 101 weeks and sold over 55 million records. Some of her greatest hits are ,,48 Crash”, ,,Too Big”, ,,Devil Gate Drive”, ,,Daytona Demon”, ,,The Wild One”, ,,She’s in Love With You”, ,,Mama’s Boy”, ,,If you Can’t Give Me Love”, ,,Rock Hard” and ,,Stumblin In” – the song performed in duet with Chris Norman, that made it to the US charts in 1979.

Tickets for the concert in Bucharest range from RON 100 to RON 260 (VIP) and are available on, at the stand in Unirea Shopping Center (at the ground floor, at the entrance next to McDonald’s), at Flanco and Muzica stores, at Sala Palatului ticket office and at the BiletFan shop – Unirii 1 subway station.


Photo source: Wikipedia