Local indie-electro-synthpop band Les Elephants Bizzares and alternative-electro-experimental rock group Harlequin Jack will gather for a concert at Beraria H, March 14, starting 20.00.

Les Elephants Bizzares made their debut in 2009 at the B’ESTFEST music festival. Their first single, Hello, says the devil!, climbed to the top of the charts and was used in a commercial campaign for Pepsi. Last year they launched their second album Zoologic and had two highlight openings for Billy Idol and James Blunt in Cluj.

Harlequin Jack began performing together six years ago and launched last year their first album: Murder_Party.

Tickets, priced RON 20, are available in the iaBilet network: the Uman stores in Baneasa Shopping City and Piata Romana, the Muzica Store and the Perfect Tour offices.

(Photo source: leselephantsbizarres.com)