Several works of Romanian artist Cornel Budrascu, a member of the Romanian avant-garde of the 70s, are included in The World Goes Pop exhibition currently on display at Tate Modern in London. The exhibition, which is open until January 24th 2016, brings together a variety of artists, with the aim of revealing how pop was never just a celebration of western consumer culture, but was often a subversive international language of protest – a language that is more relevant today than ever.

Cornel Brudaşcu studied at the Institute of Arts Ion Andreescu in Cluj, graduating in 1962. He is one of the few Romanian artists associated with pop art, and one of the mentors of the group of younger figurative painters known internationally as the Cluj School. In the 1970s he got acquainted with contemporary American art and consequently embarked on a series of portraits, of both his fellow artists from Cluj and of Western pop icons, based on images seen in Western newspapers and magazines.

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