#Emojiplay, a choreographic theater performance which brings forth the transformation of traditional communication into a sum of universally recognizable signs. The first representation takes place on December 13th at Excelsior Theater in Bucharest, while the premiere is set for December 14th also at the Excelsior Theater. Another representation is scheduled for December 16th.

The performance asks what do choreography and Emoji language have in common and brings together the language of dancers-actors and that of the emoji metaphors. According to a presentation of the event, both languages are codes that translate words (states, actions, emotions), turning them into suggestive and expressive images.

The performers in #Emojiplay are Ana Vișan, Irina Strungăreanu, Adrian Nour, Alex Călin, Bianca Bor and Vlad Troncea. The show is a production of the Excelsior Theater in partnership with the  Gigi Căciuleanu Romania Dance Company.

Tickets, priced RON 30, can be purchased at bilet.ro. Representations start at 19:00.

Photo: PR