Platos Arena from Paltinis resort in Sibiu will host what is promised to be one of the most spectacular snowboard competitions in Romania on January 12, 2013. All snowboard fans are welcome to participate at the alpin-race, where  two  famous  world and national snowboard champions, Martin Freinademetz and Andy Fazekas will be racing as guests.

The Austrian Martin Freinademetz, winner of 17 National, European and World titles, started his career in snowboarding at the age of 16 after seeing some spectacular films about the American riders that had just launched this sport. His love for Romania began in 1993 after joining several sport competitions, particularly off-road motorbike racing, in which he is also top competitor. He managed to create various projects such as “Red bull Romaniacs” and “Hard Enduro Ralley” on tracks never used before.

Andy Fazekas started the snowboard party in Sibiu. He started snowboarding in 1986 and he built his first board by himself. He began his professional carrer in 1995 and since then has dominated most races. He won 12 times The National Snowboard Championship. In 2001, he ranked 22nd  place in the world, and in 2003 he came fifth in the World Bordercross Championship.

The upcoming contest in Romania will be divided into two categories, depending on the type of the board: hard and soft. Each category will have sections for women and men. Entries for the competition can be made in advance at the e-mail address [email protected] or at the competition day, at the Apres-Ski, between 9:00 and 11:00.  The qualifying session begins at 12:00, and the final round will take place at 19:00.