The National Museum of History in Bucharest (MNIT) will honor the memory of Romania’s two kings whose reign coincide with the formation and the development of the modern state. The initiative takes form in the temporary exhibition “The King has died! Long live the King!”opening on October 30, starting 17:30 at the Museum.

The exhibition takes place a century after the death of King Carol I and the crowning of Ferdinand as King of Romania and includes objects from Peles Museum in Sinaia, Cotroceni Museum and National Museum of Art.

Carol I is considered the greatest of Romania’s kings. The accomplishments during his reign were many and profound. He took on Romania’s throne as the king of a humble country and left it as the king of an independent, enlarged country, even feared by some of its neighbors.

In comparison, the reign of Ferdinand (13 years) may seem overshadowed by that of Carol (48 years).

But King Ferdinand had a crucial role in the country’s progress. His reign went through a European and a World War, with all the implied regional transformations: Imperial Europe turning into a Europe of national states and a small Romanian state turning into Great Romania.

The exhibition will be open at MNIR during October 30 2014 – March 1 2015 and can be visited from Wednesday to Sunday, during 09:00 – 17:00.

Entry fee is RON 25 (EUR 5,5) for adults and RON 7 (EUR 1,5) for students. Entrance is free for children under the age of 7. The fee for a guided tour in English is RON 20 (EUR 4,5) for a group up to 5 persons.