The Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra Vienna will deliver a concert in Bucharest on December 23rd at Sala Palatului, starting 20:00.

The orchestra will be conducted by Guido Mancusi and accompanied by young soprano Milena Arkovska. The Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra Vienna offers a musical interpretation of the imperial Vienna, and has a long tradition of playing alongside operetta performers and ballet dancers.

“It is very hard to perform Viennese music. If you wish to fit in the Viennese orchestra you need to live in Vienna, feel the heart of the city, and most of all, to really feel how its people are. It is the only way to fit into this marvelous orchestra,” Guido Mancusi explained.

Established in 1994, the orchestra performs at the Vienna Opera and the Salzburg festivals. The waltzes of lui Johann Strauss and the works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Haydn or Franz Schubert are part of the orchestra’s usual repertoire.

Soprano Milena Arkovska earned a master’s diploma at the Music and Arts University in Vienna, after getting her graduate degree at the Ss. Chiril University and the Skopje Music Faculty in Macedonia. In 2010 she made her debut at the Vienna Theater.

Tickets, priced RON 99 and RON 199, can be bought at