Bragadiru Palace in Bucharest will host on June 6 the Secret Garden Tea Party, an event that aims to combine art with electronic music.

The main attraction of this event will be a vinyl art exhibition displayed in the Grand Lobby of the Palace, the first one of this kind in Romania, with works signed by some of the most talented graphic designers in Romania. The selected art works will be presented both in real size and in expanded dimensions. The exhibit will open its doors at 19:00.

The second attraction of the evening will be the party in the garden, where visitors will relax, dance and drink a nice cup of ice tea along friends, while enjoying good music.

Russian musician Dasha Redkina is the main guest of the event, and will perform her DJ sets raging between deep and jacking house, to old school and contemporary techno, experimental and ambient, delivered purely on vinyl. She will play along with Romanian DJs – Cezar, Emi, Tulbure and Dubsons.

Tickets cost Ron 30 before 23:00 and Ron 40 after.