Secrets of Ancient Egypt, the first exhibition in the History Hackers series, can be visited in Cluj-Napoca starting end of January. It will be set-up on the ground floor of The Office building (77, 21 Decembrie 1989 Boulevard) and will be open to visitors every day from Tuesday to Sunday, during 10:00 – 18:00. The tickets will be available at the exhibition entrance.

The History Hackers project started in October last year in Bucharest, Secrets of Ancient Egypt being the first in a long series of interactive exhibitions that are based on history and ancient civilization themes, dedicated especially to children in elementary school. Since the first days of opening, the Bucharest edition set-up at the Gabroveni Inn was visited by a large number of parents and teachers bringing the little ones to discover a few of the fascinating world of ancient Egypt. The interactive nature of the exhibition allowed children to study closely the exhibits and get actively involved in creative activities. The success of the first edition encouraged organizers to plan new themes for this year’s History Hackers.