“Silent Film Night” challenges the audience to a unique mix of image and sound, bringing in Bucharest shorts movies from USA, Chile, the Netherlands and Romania on September 19 at 20:00 at ARCUB center.

9 composers of the younger generation created the movie soundtracks, in an interdisciplinary dialogue that brings together academic rigor and the fantasy of the experiment. All compositions are performed in premiere by SonoMania, under the baton of Gabriel Bebeşelea. The short films reflect the theme of this year’s edition of the festival: Vortex – the spiral of the accelerated rhythm of the world we live in, source of inspiration for the artists.

InnerSound New Arts Festival is the only event in Romania dedicating an entire evening to short silent movies. The third edition of the festival takes place between September 17 and 20. Full program of the festival is available on the official website: innersound.ro.

Tickets are available on Bilete.ro, in Romanian postal offices marked by the Bilete.ro sign and in the Germanos and Inmedio shop networks.