The new generation of makers, product designers, illustrators, architects, 3D artists, programmers and more, will be under the spotlight of this year’s Street Delivery, the event that started out as an attempt to give the streets of the capital back to their inhabitants. The event takes place June 10th to June 12th, on the Arthur Verona street in Bucharest.

The new generation will be connected with the previous one to exchange techniques and vision, allowing shoemakers and 3D artists to work together, product designers with hatters, programmers with watchmakers.

The organizers say the focus in motivated by the increased visibility of the creative industries as groups of friends and colleagues get together and start working on the social and cultural façade of the city. At the same time, another part of the city is disappearing. The high seismic risk buildings, which accommodated most of traditional workshops, have closed down, leaving many craftsmen without their workspaces and clients. The event aims to help them rethink their work so as to gain a new audience and inspire the new generation of makers.

Street Delivery also takes place in several cities throughout the country: Baia Mare, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi and Timisoara.

Photo source: Street Delivery Facebook page