Creative Sweden, an event showcasing Scandinavian creativity, will take place in Bucharest starting October 5th.

The event opens with the interactive exhibition Magi*k on October 5th. The exhibition looks at the emergence of mass media in Bucharest, exploring the city visible in crafted antennas, neighborhood networks or the white noise on the TV. The exhibition is open at the National Museum of Contemporary Art – MNAC, Dalles Hall.

October 6th will see a conference on design, technology, STEAM education and entrepreneurship. The special guest of the conference is Johan Wendt, an entrepreneur of the year in Sweden. He will speak about Mattecentrum and Kodcentrum, national networks of free education.

A workshop on wooden constructions, made in a Romanian – Swedish partnership, is scheduled for October 14th. At the workshop, a group of children is invited to imagine an ideal house, be it a playground, a study place or any other space, and a group of architects is tasked with building that house. The house will later go on display at the Creative East festival, between October 14th and October 16th.

An exhibition on sustainability, identity and esthetics in contemporary Swedish architecture will open on October 18th at MNAC Sala Dalles. The exhibition will see works by Swedish architecture offices Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture, Kjellander Sjöberg, Notedesignstudio, Petra Gipp Arkitektur, PS Arkitektur, Wingardhs and IceHotel.

At the same time, a night of Swdish films is scheduled for October 23rd at Halele Carol.

Further details on the program can be found here.

Photo: Sveriges ambassad i Bukarest Facebook page