The European Tango Week, to be organized for the first time in the country will take place between September 10th and September 17th in Bucharest and Busteni. The event is dedicated to the dance style of tango and encompasses free tango classes, film screenings, tango demonstrations and exhibitions.

Argentinian singer Analia Selis and Argentinian musician Mariano Castro (a double nominee at the Latin Grammy) are some of the ambassadors of the European Tango Week. Several tango schools, Romanian or foreign, are also participating at the event and have prepared special programs for the public.

Entrance is free at events dedicated to a wide audience and fee-based for the workshops and master classes held by guests.

Some of the events part of the European tango week are: an international seminar dedicated to tango instructors, a screening of the film Norma, dedicated to the Argentinian dancer Norma Gomez Tomasi, a special tango gala to be held at Bragadiru Palace, and an open-air exhibition titled The History of Tango.

Some of the personalities delivering master classes and demonstrations in Bucharest and Busteni are: Carlos Enrique Maturano Luissi and Heide Maria Schmollgruber (Austria), Claudio Forte and Barbara Carpino (Italy), Dimitris Biskas and Mariana Patsarika (France), Andrea Pirity and Laszló Budai (Hungary). The pair Lucian Stan and Raluca Aldea will be attending from the Romanian side. The two made it to the finals of the Tango Escenario contest and the semifinals of the Tango Salon at the European Tango Championship in Cervia, Italy in 2016.

There are over 3,000 tango dancers and over 40 tango schools in Romania, according to the organizers of the event.

The agenda of the event can be checked here.

Photo: Anouchka Unel/ Wikipedia