Tea & coffee festival
September 29, 2012

Bucharest’s Tea & Coffee festival will be running in seven locations from October 1 to October 7. The celebration of all things tea and coffee, now in its fourth year, will feature concerts, performances and exhibitions, as well as demonstrations of traditions from around the world. Of course there will also be plenty opportunities to try, drink and enjoy a host of specialty teas and coffees from many different countries and regions.

Among the many events planned are concerts – everything from violin recitals to Taiko (Japanese drum music) – dancing demonstrations and classes, including Argentine Tango, Brazilian Capoeira, Bollywood dancing and Korean dancing. Workshops will allow the public to have a go at a variety of arts and crafts from around the world, such as Korean and Japanese calligraphy, painting ceramics, Feng Shui, Henna tattoos and Origami. Traditional craft work, tea, coffee and the associated paraphernalia will be on sale throughout the festival.

The Tea & Coffee Festival locations are: Serendipity (Red Dubrava Street no. 12), Teahouse Infinity (St. Gregory Romniceanu no. 7), Café Godot Theatre (St. Blanari no. 14), Verona Garden – bookstores (Pictor Arthur Verona no. 13-15), Ramayana Cafe (str Baldovin Parcalab no. 11), Cafepedia Romanian (Pictor Verona no. 2) and Bell’Agio Home (Way Rahovei. 157D, the Uranus / Flower Market).