Andreea Chiru, Romanian therapist and art photographer will open her exhibition at Odeon Theater on Tuesday, January 20 at 19:00. Photography as therapy portrays the struggle of people finding it hard to accept their own body, particularly women.

“Art has often exposed us to the beauty of women, the muse of many artists and timeless works. But not even art can change the mistrust we have towards our own body, a nonacceptance many women feed on day by day. I encourage people to come into contact with their flaws, as well as with their qualities and learn to look at themselves differently. The photography is more than an image, a means of expression, art, it is a way to cure, to know and to understand oneself. Photography in itself is therapy: for the photographer, the photographed and the one looking at the photography. It is a reflection of our subconscious transposed symbolically in a frame.” says the artist.

The exhibition can be visited during January 20 and February 10, 2015. Check out some of Andreea Chiru’s works here and here.