Starting this week, tickets are available for History Hackers, the first interactive exhibition for kids organized in Bucharest. The first edition is dedicated to the Secrets of Ancient Egypt and will be open during October 23 and December 30 at Gabroveni Inn.

History Hackers is a series of interactive exhibitions dedicated especially to kids aged 6 to 14. The project brings history to the little ones’ attention in a more attractive form. Each visitor can analyse closely each exhibit, touch it, play, create and experiment the specific of those times.

The Secrets of Ancient Egypt exhibition will include presentations and explanations regarding the main monuments, characters and customs of ancient Egypt times, combining historical facts with elements of scenery and educational interactive workshops. The little ones will be able to discover the secrets of those times by taking part in group activities like: jewellery, amulet, hieroglyphs or mummification workshops.

Groups can book tickets and visits at 0725040515, from Monday to Friday, during 10:00-18:00.

Tickets start at the price of 20 lei and are available online at Organizers announce they will be shortly available also in the Diverta shop network and, as of October 23, at Gabroveni Inn.

The edition dedicated to the ancient Egypt is supported by the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt, under the care of architect Cristina Florea, with the participation of scientific advisor Professor Miron Ciho, PhD, and by the Faculty of History within the University in Bucharest. More details on the event on the official website and the event page.