Urbatlon 2014
June 19, 2014

The first edition of Urbatlon, a sports event that aims to transform daily challenges such as climbing stairs and slalom in traffic into fun and dynamic tests of physical training, will be organized on June 21 at the National Arena stadium in Bucharest.

The route will have a length of five kilometers and will include seven tests: Urban Cooler, Athletes’ Passage (Pasajul Atletilor), Show at a High Level (Spectacol la Inaltime), Traffic Jam (Blocaj in Trafic), The Labyrinth (Labirintul), The Assault of the Arena (Asaltul Arenei) and Move & Be Happy.

In the Urban Cooler test, participants will test their skills to climb a wall, the ability to descend on a rope, and the speed to go through a tight hollow space, while the Athletes’ Passage includes climbing stairs, running, jumping, and other exercises.

In the Show at a High Level test, participants will test their arm strength by clinging to bars located at two meters from the ground. The Traffic Jam will test the ability to climb and overcome obstacles, while in the Labyrinth test participants will have to carry a package through a labyrinth made of cars.

The Assault of the Arena includes running tests, while in the Move & Be Happy test, participants will have to pass through an area with elastic strings with a soccer ball and score a goal.

Registrations can be made only until June 19 and the fee is RON 90. Those interested can register here.