On Christmas, the Theodor Aman art museum in Bucharest opens a new exhibition room, completing the heritage of the house-museum. The new space brings to light paintings by artist Theodor Aman newly restored by specialists of the Bucharest Museum.
Theodor Aman (1831 –1891) was a Romanian painter of Armenian descent, famous during his lifetime. His style is often considered to be a predecessor of Impressionism.
The Theodor Aman Museum opened in 1908. The eclectic building, associated with French neoclassical style, is the house where the artist lived and worked for 22 years. He conceived every detail of what is now considered a “temple of art”, from the architectural project implemented by German entrepreneur Fr. Scheller during 1867 – 1869, up to the exterior and interior decorations (the stained glass, mural painting, medallions carved on doors, painting applied on doors, sculpted furniture or the stove from the workshop).

The exhibition will open on Tuesday, December 23, at 13:00, at the Theodor Aman museum (8 C.A. Rosetti St.). The building is located across the street from Artmark Galleries and near the National Museum of Art (Victoriei Avenue).
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