Wednesday, April 18th, 2012 starting with 19:00 at Wagner Maison de la Porcelaine (Cotroceni, no 19 Dr. Staicoviciu Street) the first of the Wagnerian evenings invites you to reflect upon the artworks transposed into animation, presenting Disney movies source of inspiration.

(A) You will be surprised and delighted to discover within Walt Disney’s animation films, similitudes with Flemish paintings, medieval engravings, German expressionism movies, Hitchcock movies, Art Nouveau posters even Salvador Dali”s works. Postmodernism just like that, as Caragiale would say.

The disciples of Eurocentrism view the American culture as a gigantic factory that does nothing else but recycle the old continent myths and, by using a very efficient marketing system, offers them to the public at large as cultural attractive products. There is nothing bad with this, an anthropologist would say. In the end a hundred year story that lights the passion of a child from a different continent is a good thing.

Following a thread of sophisticated and fairytales like-events organized together with some of the most interesting contemporary artists and brands, Wagner Fine Arts and Fairytales handmade painted porcelain manufacture launches a new event, a serial one this time-the “Wagnerian evenings”


Access prices: 200 RON

Groups of 3 or more participants only 80 RON per person.

Sign up info and other details at: [email protected]

(A) stands for advertising.