Bucharest will be host to one of the largest contemporary events in Romania. Taking place between September 26 and October 4, Bucharest Art Week (BAW) is a multicultural event, yet it focuses on local artists, public spaces and projects with social impact. The exhibitions explore and question aspects regarding the habitat, belonging, identity or geo-political boundaries. Cities are brought into discussion starting from their basic function, of the human habitat agglomerations – areas of life, of culture and peaceful cooperation between individuals, up to cities as theaters of confrontation, as epicenter of the protests, units and stakes of civil or armed conflicts.

The first edition of the event aims high, with an impressive number of artists, exhibitions and venues covering the city’s hot spots. Guided tours for the exhibitions and some of the workshops are included, as well as a series of artist talks.


BAW Program:


September 26

17.00 – 22.00

Foisorul de Foc LINK

”Inner Fire, a Matter of Limits” collective exhibition bringing together 29 artists, curator: Nona Serbanescu


September 27

Carol 53

”BITUM” –”Artist run space” installation, graphics and painting exhibition; special guest: Asociatia Parada Romania photographically documented by French artist Gabriel Loisy

Galeria IX – ”Bucharest Today” photo exhibition, signed by Japanese artist Tomoaki Minoda

Home Matasari – “Marele tomberon” (The great dumpster), first personal exhibition of Adrian Dica. Home Matasari will also be the host of a collaborative work made by 15 artists from all over Romania at the 18+ festival in Cluj.


September 29


The National Library will host a preview of the „History through the eyes of those who lived it: witnesses and testimonies” exhibition, open until October 17.


September 30

The National Library – „Balkan Mood: focus Macedonia” international exhibition


October 1

„Palatul Voievodal – Curtea Veche” Museum (Old Town) – ”Solitar Urban” group exhibition, curator: by Adina Niculae


October 2

Galeria Occidentului – “Refacerea fragmentului”, painting exhibition signed by Matei Enric, and “Musicals”, contemporary jewelry design exhibition by Alexandru Burlacu


October 4

Dianei 4 – Closing party, event accompanying the ”Ghost Host” exhibition of artist Alex Baciu.


The full program and list of artists are available on the official site: www.BucharestArtWeek.eu

For updates, check out the event page.