How to find a high paying job in Romania

Whether you’re a foreigner considering a move to Romania from anywhere in the world, if you have already moved here (alone or with your family), or if you’re a Romanian expat looking to return home, fret not on the job front. You have high chances of finding high paying jobs in Romania as a foreign language speaker.

So, how do you find a high paying job in Romania?

A first idea is to check the many multinationals offering jobs in Romania. They are hiring on a constant basis, for different divisions, so various skills and work backgrounds could fit in. Those speaking foreign languages, and especially natives, have more chances landing some jobs than locals. The latest jobs in Romania are not only in Bucharest but in Western Romania as well – Cluj – Napoca, Timisoara, Targu Mures, among others.

For example, in this new career section for Romania, you can search for jobs in various fields and different cities across the country. New jobs are posted frequently, and foreign languages are very much sought after.

Secondly, the better connected you are, the higher the chances to hear about a good job fitting your experience. Make friends, both locals, and foreigners. Romanians love to help out by introducing or making connections, so you can be open about your target of finding a job in a certain field. Eventually, somebody will know somebody else who can get you a meeting with a person who’s hiring. A good place to start making friends is at Internations events, which are also being organized in Bucharest.