Getting to Buzău

Access to Buzău is fairly easy, compared to the Prahova Valley. The closest destinations can be reached in 1 ½ to 2 hours’ drive from Bucharest.
–  From Bucharest: DN 2 Voluntari–Urziceni–Buzău (c. 110 km)
–  Alternatively: București–Ploiești Highway–DN 1B– Urlati–Buzău (c. 120 km), this route is much more attractive as it passes the Dealu Mare wine region and is faster since the opening of the new highway
– From Brașov:  DN 10–Prejmer–Întorsura Buzăului–Lake Siriu (80 km)–Buzău (180 km). The Brașov–Buzău route is one of the most beautiful Trans- Carpathian routes.