City Compass Intercultural Consulting

Is an agency for business consulting and coaching in Romania. Our founders are passionate entrepreneurs. We love to help senior business people, fellow passionate entrepreneurs and purpose-driven companies to have success in Romania and CEE.


Examples of trainings and coachings we deliver:

„Working successfully in a multinational corporation”
Your request: Onboarding of junior talents at your multi-national corporation
Solution: Your employees meet specific expectations of international customers and colleagues even better
Content: Develop excellence at pro-active communication, sense of responsibility, customer-orientation, and out-of-the-box thinking.
Business Target: Increase customer satisfaction, reduce conflicts and escalations.

„Excellent performance at international meetings”
Your request: Confident and successful presentations of your employees at international web-conferences and meetings.
Solution: Provide strong presentation skills for your team members
Content: Clear understanding about international audience expectations, and ways how to meet and exceed them.
Business Target: Increase the standing and the visibility of your Romanian site within your corporation.

„Leading Romanian Teams successfully”
Your request: Romania-specific leadership skills (for expatriates).
Solution: How to lead and inspire Romanian teams successfully.
Training target: Develop cross-cultural leadership skills.
Business target: Create high-performing local teams.

„Cross-Cultural Facilitation for M&A”
Your request: Smooth international M&A integration.
Solution: Benefit from diversity as a strategic resource.
Content: Develop smart solutions for cross-cultural challenges.
Business Target: Reach a fast break-even.

„Successful Change Management”
Your request: Move your international organization from A to B.
Solution: Benefit from shining examples and don’t repeat the epic fails of others.
Content: Win all involved people in favor of their new roles, tasks, responsabilities.
Business Target: Implement your new structure better, faster, smoother.

> Matching of international working styles
> Clear mutual expectations
> High-performing teams

Our promises
> We tailor our trainings
> We know Romania

> We know CEE and Germany.

> We generate solutions
> We facilitate operations
> We understand cultural differences in business
> We understand your business needs
>You benefit from our experience with over 400 projects for over 50 customers in Germany and Romania


We are enthusiastic

About the connection between new business models in Romania and CEE and the personalities involved in creating and applying them. Our broad C – level network and knowledge plus access to start-ups and entrepreneurs across Romania speaks for itself.

We are local and global and up to date

Through our company history since 2008 and the operational engagement of City Compass co-founder Volker Moser with the market leading business publication Romania Insider, we have been reflecting on Romania´s status quo in business and politics for more than a decade. City Compass’ expat and travel guide in English, launched in 2009 and published annually, has been incorporated into and is part of the media activities of Romania Insider, the largest media in English dedicated to Romania.

Working together with people from other cultures and countries

On a day-to-day basis made us aware of the importance of the virtual division of labor and online communication with colleagues early on and became a fundamental part of the team setup of our projects since 2010.We enjoy providing consulting and coaching services to specialists and executives in regards to their individual objectives and to their purpose, mission and vision for their teams. 

Our passion

Is to bring our hands-on experiences as entrepreneurs to the table – online or onsite. Our mission is to make people feel at home in Romania, and to help Romanian citizens and business people to be self – aware of their talents when representing Romania abroad. Above all, both our co-founders Volker and Christian have been shaped by business experiences from a wide range of industries, countries and people of different origins and different cultures involved. 


The core team of business consultants at City Compass Intercultural Consulting:

Volker Moser –  Co-Founder City Compass and Romania Insider

Volker is a Co-Founder of City Compass. He takes pride in his work as a cross-cultural business coach, where he provides coaching & consulting for senior professionals in new roles and entrepreneurs and their teams on new journeys in Romania and Germany. He is curious in understanding different people, business contexts and situations, and he loves Romania. He delivers in German, English and Romanian and speaks Spanish and Italian. He supports in B2B strategy approaches for customers of various industries and countries.

Christian Pauls, Co-Founder and Partner, Intercultural Trainer

Christian is a Co-Founder and partner of City Compass Group and currently lives in Vienna. After his studies in Germany he worked in different management consulting and training functions for 9 years, 4 of them in Romania. Christian brings a vast experience of international work assignments, besides Romania he also worked in Turkey, Russia,Ukraine and Iran as a management consultant for manufacturing companies. His training experience covers intercultural trainings, team development and lean management workshops. Christian delivers in German, Romanian, English and French.

Thilo Beyer – Senior Key Account Manager, ICUnet Group – Associated Partner

Thilo is a passionate business culture ambassador between Romania in Germany in both directions and both languages. He represents our first-rate cooperation partner ICUnet Group. After graduating from Berlin and Iasi universities, he has supported more than 30 Western companies in Romania since 2006 – IT, BPO, automotive, retail, life science, finance, construction, FMCG etc. Together with his team of multi-lingual business culture experts from a wide range of backgrounds, he takes care of well-designed consulting solutions with a clear international focus on teams collaborating effectively – across borders and cultures.

Dr. Bogdan Popa – Cultural Historical Expert

Born, raised, educated, and currently living in Bucharest. Holds a PhD in History from the University of Bucharest and, as his title describes best, he is a cultural and historical consultant for City Compass. Been featured in several international TV-documentaries about Romanian history and delivers tours in English, German and Romanian.