We offer in integrated training concept combining Romania-specific intercultural business and cultural insights with an emphasis on facilitating the interactions and operations of your employees.

We are proudly announcing our partnership with ICUnet.AG, European leader in cross-cultural management.





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  • Matching of international working styles
  • Clear mutual expectations
  • High-performing teams

Our 7 promises:

  • We tailor our trainings
  • We know Romania
  • We generate solutions
  • We facilitate operations
  • We understand cultural differences in business
  • We understand your business needs
  • You benefit from our experience with over 400 projects for over 50 customers in Romania

 The 6 most requested approaches, solving the 6 most frequent business needs

„Working successfully in a multinational corporation“

  • Your request: Onboarding of junior talents at your multi-national corporation
  • Solution: Your employees meet specific expectations of international customers and colleagues even better
  • Content: Develop excellence at pro-active communication, sense of responsibility, customer-orientation, and out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Business Target: Increase customer satisfaction, reduce conflicts and escalations.

„Excellent performance at international meetings“

  • Your request: Confident and successful presentations of your employees at international web-conferences and meetings.
  • Solution: Provide strong presentation skills for your team members
  • Content: Clear understanding about international audience expectations, and ways how to meet and exceed them.
  • Business Target: Increase the standing and the visibility of your Romanian site within your corporation.

„Leading Romanian Teams successfully“

  • Your request: Romania-specific leadership skills (for expatriates).
  • Solution: How to lead and inspire Romanian teams successfully.
  • Training target: Develop cross-cultural leadership skills.
  • Business target: Create high-performing local teams.

„Cross-Cultural Facilitation for M&A“

  • Your request: Smooth international M&A integration.
    Solution: Benefit from diversity as a strategic resource.
    Content: Develop smart solutions for cross-cultural challenges.
    Business Target: Reach a fast break-even.

„Successful Change Management“

  • Your request: Move your international organisation from A to B.
  • Solution: Benefit from shining examples and don‘t repeat the epic fails of others.
  • Content: Win all involved people in favour of their new roles, tasks, responsibilities.
  • Business Target: Implement your new structure better, faster, smoother.

„Teambuilding with focus on true future trust and performance by expert methods“

  • Your request: Raise the level of trust in your team
  • Solution: Substantial work on excellent team communication
  • Content: Make diversity visible and productive, turn it from a challenge into an asset
  • Business target: Develop a trustful high-performing team

Our Trainers

  • Ximena Reyes
  • Thilo Beyer
  • Volker Moser
  • Oana Pascu