Iutta launches new collection for kids

Tales from the Romanian mythology, fairytales, characters with supernatural powers and movies with memorable heroines – all of these inspired the new Iutta collection called Dor de copilărie  (Longing for childhood). Dedicated to daughters and mothers who share a passion for the world of fantastic, the new line comprises leather bags with some of the most popular Romanian fairytale characters.

Dor de copilărie was born out of the nostalgia for an idyllic period, play and games, and lifetime memories. The first stories graphically depicted by the collection are: Lizuca, the girl from the Enchanted Gorve, and her dog Patrocle; cheerful and playful Veronica; Ileana Cosânzeana, the golden locks fairy from the Romanian folklore and the Goat with three kids, a metaphor full of symbolism for maternal love.

Check out the bags on the online shop.