The operational airport of Bucharest is now Otopeni airport (OTP) located north of the Bucharest metropolitan area, in the town of Otopeni, Ilfov. Low cost and and bigger airlines operate flights on this airport.

Otopeni airport is located north of Bucharest, 15 km away from the city. To get there, you can either get a bus – the 385 express bus from downtown Bucharest, or a taxi. There is no  metro line yet to connect the airport to the metro system in Bucharest, but authorities have started working on one.

The taxi fare from downtown Bucharest to airport (or the other way around) should be of around RON 35 (less than EUR 10), depending on traffic. Make sure to take a cab with a fare below RON 2 per km, you will see it written on its door. They might try to convince you to pay the trip back to the city but you should not do so, as they will get a customer back.
To check the flights schedule, go online:

Henri Coanda International Airport  (OTP)

Address: 224E, Calea Bucurestilor

Phone: +40 21 204 10 00

Currently the airport has one terminal divided into three inter-connected buildings: the International Departures Hall, the International Arrivals Hall and the Domestic Flights Hall, found at the ground level of the Arrivals Hall. A new terminal was inaugurated in 2011. You can find the Information Office quite easily in the public area of each hall. There you will find information concerning scheduled flights, arrival and departure times, transfers, airport services and facilities offered in the airport. When looking into flights to either airports, it is advisable to look around for deals, you could do this online at various sites s through your local travel agent (see travel agent section). You want to get the best deal and the only real way to do this is by doing some research. If you want any further details contact the airports themselves.

In the boarding hall (1st floor) and also in the passport control area, you can find telephones for emergency situations, and to access the following services: emergency medical assistance, salon “Mother and Child”, and airport information.
In the airport you also have access to bars and restaurants, banks and ATM’s, a post office, tour operators, a pharmacy, VAT cash refund, shops, exchange offices, internet access, hotel welcome desks, hairdressers, a secure luggage holding service and a supermarket (Billa). There are some plugs for your laptop, which is great as the bars in the airport have high prices and bad services. A good hint we got from one of our readers was the business lounge in the airport, which can be accessed for around EUR 20, without booking. If your flight is delayed, they offer snacks and drinks included in the price.

Parking at the airport

International Arrivals parking lot, ground floor
Phone: +40 21 201 33 74, +40 21 204 11 06

The public parking lots at Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport charge in 60-minute units, or intervals (with a minimum charge of one unit). Any unit started is considered a full unit, so watch your time carefully! Parking lot information is displayed at each cash desk in the parking lots. The tariff is 3 RON/hour. In order to avoid unpleasant situations, pay careful attention to all displayed information as well as to the indications of the airport security agents. Do not enter any parking lot without the ticket issued when opening the barrier! If the ticket does not issue, notify the parking lot agent.  Do not lose the parking ticket, since the exit barrier can be accessed only with the paid parking ticket!

  • Illegally parking in a handicapped slot, 20 RON
  • parking cars outside the marked area, 20 RON
  • loss, damage or failure to present the parking ticket: 500 RON!

Upon entering the parking lot, the driver is automatically issued a magnetic ticket. Do notDo notDo not forget to pay for the parking before getting into your car! You can pay at two cash desks located on the upper-level of the parking lot and one cash desk on the ground floor (Parking Dispatch). In addition to the time you have paid for, you receive 15 extra minutes to get to your car and leave the parking lot. There are two exit barriers at the top level and two exit barriers at the ground floor. The exit barriers are opened automatically after you have inserted the paid magnetic ticket into the barrier reader.

Transportation to and from airport

Express Bus 783 offers daily service to the city centre, with stops at Baneasa Airport, Piata Presei Libere, Piata Victoriei, Piata Romana, Piata Universitatii and Piata Unirii. The schedule runs Monday-Friday from 05:30 a.m. To 08:00 p.m. (every 15 minutes), from 08:30 p.m. To 11:00 p.m. (every 30 minute); and Saturday-Sunday and legal holidays from 05:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. (every 30 minutes).
The bus departs from the International Departures Hall and the journey downtown takes approximately 40 minutes. The fare is 7 RON for a magnetic card valid for two trips (a 2-way ticket for 7 RON has to be purchased for bus 783, whereas 1-way tickets can be purchased for bus 780- see below!) and a monthly ticket costs 80 RON. The cards can be purchased at the ticket counter in the Domestic Flights Hall. The desk operates daily from 06:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m. Cards must be validated upon boarding the bus, using the machines.

Express Bus 780: To get from Henri Coanda Airport to the main train station (Gara de Nord) just takes bus 780. The fee for one trip is about 3.5 lei and 27 lei for ten trips. A monthly ticket costs 80 lei. As an alternative you can also take bus 783 to Piata Victoriei and connect to the subway, or to Piata Presei Libere connecting to bus 205 direction Gara de Nord.
WATCH OUT: There are two different types of tickets sold for the 2 express buses 780 and 783 at Henri Coanda airport. It is incredible, but true, that one of our readers bought the wrong ticket and was fined (50 RON) during a control at Baneasa airport meant to target tourists for exactly these two different tickets.


You can also avoid being cheated by taking a cab that is dropping somebody off. In this case, the cab driver should be honest.

If you are picking somebody up for the airport and have to wait, parking at the airport costs approximately 4 RON per hour; facing the airport, the parking lot is on your left. It is worth the money to avoid additional stress.