Address: 780b Fundatura cerbului St., Valea Doftanei, Teșila Village, 107640 Prahova,

Phone: +40735 020 110

E-mail: [email protected]


(P) If you’ve got tired by the same old resorts on Prahova Valley and you want to take a breath of fresh air, you only have to take another turn.

You will discover a much hoped for serenity, incredible seights and friendly people with warm hearts. At an altitude of almost 700 m, you can feel the mountain air. Surrounded by Baiu and Bratocea-Grohotisu mountains, the Doftana Valley is a green jewelry with old houses and rustic sheepfolds. The whole are is surrounded by wild forests, pastures and rare vegetation.

The Paltinu dam gathers all Doftana rivers into the impressive Paltinoasa Lake. All this plus being the place with the most sunny days in a year, make the Doftana Valley a little piece of Heaven on Earth. In the middle of this lays Atra, the place where behind each door there’s a lake front view. Atra is one of the top class architectural venues in Romania, many times awarded by the Romanian Architect Order.

With the rooms hiding in the hill, lake and forest view, this is the place where you leave the city at the door and enter to charge yourself with beauty. And beauty it’s all you’ll find here, starting with the architectural form, the surrounding landscape and the beautiful interior design.

For those who enjoy exploring and learning new things, ATRA is the perfect destination.

Corporate events

With kayak, windsurfing, biking and off road tracks, Atra is the perfect place for a teambuilding that will pull the plug off from the corporate noise. Also, if you just want to move your office in a mountain space, take this as an opportunity to spend the most pleasant working day: Our main meeting room can host conferences and workshops and has the perfect view towards vacation.

Social events

Because you are surrounded with beauty at all times, here you just feel that your time has more time. Time to take photos, time to paint, time to read and listen to your music, time to explore mountains and hills fort the sake of exploring or for the sake of walking and absorbing all the beauty. Every weekend you will find Atra with a different event in mind.

What do you have in mind?

Atra is the perfect place for romantic evenings, friends reunions and small ceremonies. If you are planning for a summer event, the 50 seats space can be extended into the green area. There’s also place for a camp fire – the perfect element for a charming mountain feel.

The gourmet restaurant

Our Chef, Ionut Gagiu, came to Atra after long experiencing the art of cuisine in every form and every corner of Europe. Today, his dishes get noticed through the contrast of textures, taste and perfect chromatics.

What he prepares is not just a meal, it’s a journey.

Those who visited ATRA know what we’re talking about. Those who didn’t, they should hurry up and book a reservation.