By Elena Marineci

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If you are one of those persons for whom falling in love with a city is more important than just getting to know it, this article is for you! In my opinion, the places that build the most vivid memories are those that also have a story. When we have a story with a certain place, suddenly all senses are involved, the brain gives away some serotonin and the smile we show when we think of it is a lot wider. If the story is fun, of course! SmileSo in order to have a different interaction experience with Bucharest, we propose the following experiment: take some of your friends and the list below, and go the the Bucharest’s Historical Centre. Read the list together and try to win as many points as possible!


1.Lipscani District

Back in the late XVI century, Bucharest’s centre was a street called “Ulita Mare”, today known as Lipscani District. Visit the area, as today is filled with restaurants, nice bistro’s and pubs, but also take this challenge: scout the area and take a picture of the group standing in the air in front of a place where the old ruins of the city, brick walls and arcades, are basically rising up from the sidewalk right next to the National Bank of Romania! – 30 points


2. The Palace of the Savings Bank

In the XIX century the French architect Paul Gottereanu, designed more than 50 buildings in the city. One of his famous creations was The Palace of the Savings Bank, today CEC BANK headquarters. The square-shaped palace has a large central dome with metallic ribs separated by glass, which allows natural light to come in, all creating a unique eclectic architectural style structure. Find the building and visit it. Make also sure to have a picture taken in front of it, with your team and a person passing by, making the strangest faces. – 20 points


3. Old Princely Carriage

Built during the rule of Vlad III Dracula in the XIV century, Old Princely Court, can be found in the Lispcani District also. In the area try to find the Old Princely Carriage and take a picture of you and your friends standing in it (you can ask one of the locals in the area to make it for you). – 30 points


4. Caru’ cu Bere

After visiting so much, you must be thirsty, therefore we suggest you to visit Caru’ cu Bere, an old and famous beerhouse from Stavropoleos Street. There we dare you to find Old Ghita, the cellar man. He worked dozens of years within the beerhouse, moving up and down the stairs to the cellar cram-full with wine and beer barrels together with its unseparable lantern. Your challenge now is to have an interview with Old Ghita, trying to find out as many things as possible about this place. – 35 points. If you will then send all the proofs you gathered during this quest to [email protected] , you will win a prize! 🙂 Of course, these challenges are only a teaser, but it also gives you an idea of how to approach in a different way a tour around the city.


Hope you will enjoy it!


Lipscani around 1920


Lipscani nowadays