Because there are insufficient parking places, cars are parked everywhere including on pavements, at pedestrian crossings, at bus stops, on corners and where ‘No Parking’ signs are clearly posted! To make things worse, there is a lot of confusion about towing. Since new regulations were recently announced, a lot more cars are being towed. To help you (and us) make some sense of the whole issue, we called the police directly; below you will find what we learned.

There are several fees you will have to pay for a violation: the lifting, towing and storage fees (listed below by sector) are different in each sector! But in addition to these fees, the police will fine you for the violation and will give you penalty points on your licence: Personal violation fee: RON 216 (or RON 108 if paid within 24 hours) + 3 Penalty Points.
You will need several documents to retrieve your vehicle: the vehicle registration, personal identification (passport, visa card, or national ID), and the driver’s license of the person responsible for the violation.

Sector 1
Auto Impound
Address: 31-43, Aleea Matelotilor
Phone: +40 21 9540
Schedule: Monday-Friday 8:00-22:00;
Sunday 8:00-14:00

For violations in Sector 1, here are the fines: Lifting fee: RON 200 + VAT; Transport fee: RON 200 + VAT; Storage fee for vehicles less than 3.5 metric tons: RON 300 + VAT; Storage fee for vehicles more than 3.5 metric tons: RON 400 + VAT. The lifting, transport and storage of vehicles happens 24/7. After a period of 30 days, unclaimed vehicles will be declared abandoned and therefore property of the sector, and are likely to be sold for revenue.

Sector 2
Auto Impound
Address: 2, Fabricii St.
Phone: +40 21 310 45 90
Schedule: None Given
At the gate you will have to present your identification (residency permit, passport, national ID) and they will take down your data. Then you can enter the storage house, and retrieve your vehicle. The fines are as follow:  Lifting fee: RON 130 + VAT; Transport fee: RON 130 + VAT; Storage fee: RON 180 + VAT

Sector 3
Auto Impound
Address: 2-6, Dudesti St., Pantelimon
Phone: +40 21 9543
The fines are as follows:
Lifting fee: RON 200 + VAT; Transport fee: RON 150 + VAT; Storage fee: RON 150 + VAT

Sectors 4 and 5
No information available

Sector 6
Auto Impound
Address: 14-16, Drumul Manastirea Văratec
Phone: +40 21 9546
The fines are as follow: Lifting fee: RON 150 + VAT; Transport fee: RON 150 + VAT; Storage fee: RON 200 + VAT per day

Always call the police in your sector if your car is missing; if it has not been towed, it was probably stolen!

You can find the numbers for Police Stations in each sector in the Emergency Telephone Numbers Section.