Cluj-Napoca, the treasure city

By Andrei Roth

Everything happens at a different pace here – that’s what most travelers notice about Cluj after seeing Bucharest. Still, it is one of Romania’s most dynamic and cosmopolitan cities.”The Treasure City” as it is also known, has inherited some of the patient and pedantic ways of the Austrian empire that ruled it for centuries. This legacy is noticeable not only in the ways of the place or the architecture of its boulevards, but also in the people, as the city is a multicultural blend of Romanians, Hungarians, Germans and others that have been living together for centuries.

Getting there

Cluj is easily accessible by all means of transportation. Hop on one of the 5-6 daily Tarom flights from Bucharest and be there in less than 1  hour, plus the 15 minute cab ride to downtown. If you’d rather drive or take the train, prepare for a long drive (6-7 hours) via either Brașov or Sibiu, or an 8 hour plus train ride. Of course, from Munich, London, Frankfurt,  Milan  and many  other  major  European  cities, there are direct flights with several other airlines to the local airport.

Useful info

–  When meeting someone in Cluj for a beer, we recommend asking to meet at the “horse’s tail” – the most common meeting place right behind the equestrian statue of Matthias Corvinus in Piața Unirii.
–  While in Cluj, don’t miss the chance for anice jog or bike ride on the river banks, in the newly renovated Central Park and around the Iuliu Hațieganu university sports park.