Romanian law requires the driver of any vehicle involved in an accident to stop immediately at the scene of the accident. Your first responsibility in the event of an accident with an occupied car or property is to find out if anyone is hurt. If someone is injured, call 112 straight away to get an ambulance or doctor as soon as possible. You are required to provide the injured person all reasonable assistance, including attempting to obtain transportation to a doctor or hospital. However, you should not attempt to provide treatment for injuries yourself unless you are specifically trained to do so.
As of 2009, it is no longer mandatory to call the police for minor accidents! There is now a ‘friendly option’ available, called ‘Constatare Amiabila’ or ‘Friendly resolution’. You can still call the police if you would like, but it is no longer a must.
Usually your insurance company will issue a form that you can use for this procedure. Fill in the form, and describe how the accident happened. You do not need to declare fault: responsibility for the accident is negotiated by both parties’ insurance companies. Your insurance company will instruct you on the next steps (getting your car fixed, etc.).
If the accident resulted in only material damages, you must present yourself within 24 hours to the Accident at Avars Research Bureau Centres in order to set up the findings documents and to obtain repair permits. All parties involved in the accident must go to the Centre in the sector where the accident took place; 112 will be able to provide this information. If one or more of the cars cannot be moved to a Centre, the involved parties must call 112 and wait for police assistance.
It is also important to mention here that Romania has a ‘zero tolerance’ policy with regard to drinking alcohol and driving. Unlike some other countries, not even one drink is acceptable if driving and they will take your license on the spot, and even send you to jail.
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Avars Bureau Centres

Sector 1
Address: 355-357, Calea Grivitei
Phone: +40 21 323 30 30

Sector 2
Address: 450, Sos.Pantelimon (Marcus)
Phone: +40 21 323 30 30

Sector 3
Address: 242, Calea Vitan
Phone: +40 21 304 51 89

Sector 4
Address: 311, Splaiul Unirii , (Cobalcescu)
Phone: +40 374 102 361

Sector 5
Address: 311, Splaiul Unirii , (Cobalcescu)
Phone: +40 374 102 361

Sector 6
Address: 594, Iuliu Maniu Blvd.,
Phone: +40 21 323 30 30