Romania has an array of newspapers: from local news to international business, to tabloid press, economy and sports. Even so, many of the periodicals do not have English-language editions, or are not available online.

In English

The Diplomat

This is a monthly magazine published in Romania. It is distributed by subscription only.

Business Review

It is a weekly magazine in a newspaper format, which focuses on business. Distributed for free in Bucharest hotels and other public areas.

In Romanian
Once your level of Romanian gets better (or even if you want to improve it), you can check one of the major Romanian-language print publications in Romania (not that many left after the crisis).

Ziarul Financiar

The main financial newspaper.


This is a general, quality newspaper.

Business Magazin

A weekly magazine which focuses on business issues.

Forbes Romania

The local edition of the Forbes magazine. Published twice a month. It runs local features, as well as translated stories from the international editions.

Money Express

This is a monthly magazine which also focuses on business issues.