You can have a good time at the Model Railway Exhibition located in the Sinaia’s beautiful, but not properly maintained Railway station. Kids will enjoy the small trains, the diorama and the entire family can enjoy a hot chocolate.

Sinaia Park offers playgrounds for different ages and a “Tyrolienne” experience when the weather allows it.
On rainy days, you can take the kids to Carmen Sylva Cultural Center, where they can read and paint.
Check up on the schedule as sometimes they organize guitar lessons on Saturdays.

Going up to the mountain with the Gondola you can make two stops: one at 1400m, and the next to 2000m. On top the view is great from that altitude. Between May and September, you can enjoy a long or short hike and from December to April or even May, you can go skiing. New ski lifts need to be built at the top to manage the high weekend demand, but during the week it is quite nice.

Also up to the mountains, but by car (pretty bad road – almost 1 hour drive) is Stana Regala. It is a hard drive, but once there is great for kids. This summer they even had ponies and other animals. At the top, don’t miss the view from Frantz Iosif Stone – if the sky is clear you should see the entire Prahova Valley, a breathtaking view.

Finally, you can take the family bowling at Hotel International Sinaia. Be aware that when the weather is bad it can be full on Friday and Saturday afternoons so you might need to book it in advance.