You can pay utilities bills in Romania in various ways. For most of them you will need to have the actual paper invoice. But most of them can also be paid via bank transfer – provided you have all the needed details on your bill – client code and invoice number.

  • In cash at most banks. Check with your bank what sort of utility payments they can receive
  • In cash, at PayPoint locations –
  • Online, through your bank account
  • Online, by card, on the service providers’ website is they offer this option
  • By card, at various banks’ ATMs



GDF Suez Energy Romania (Suez Gas) is the only gas supplier in Bucharest. The first thing you should know about your gas bill is whether you have an individual gas meter in your home or not. If you do not, it means you pay your gas bill together with your monthly utilities.

How to pay your gas bill directly:


Direct debit:

this is a free service offered by GDF SUEZ Energy Romania for account holders at Bancpost, BCR, BRD Groupe Générale, CEC BANK, ING Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, MKB Romexterra Bank, Transilvania Bank, and UniCredit Tiriac Bank. Ask your bank for more information on setting up this feature.

Bank transfer:

You can pay your GDF SUEZ Energy bill from any bank account with your client code, which you can find on your invoice (‘cod client’).

Bank Card:

You can use your bank card to pay many bills (including gas) at any ATM from BCR, BRD Groupe Générale, and ING Bank in the country.

Cash payments:

You can make a cash payment at at all the agencies and partners of BRD Groupe Générale; agencies of Transilvania Bank, CEC BANK, Bancpost; ATMs from Citibank Europe; and GDF SUEZ Energy Romania pay boxes. To find the most convenient location for you, visit