Although Romania has some of the fastest connection speeds in Europe and with very cheap rates in comparison, the service can be spotty from time to time. Depending on the area where you live and the company you choose, there are different connection options: in-home cable routers, DECT wireless technology, and wireless adapters for individual computers. Prices vary depending on your needs; most companies offer monthly service plans and pay-as-you go options. Portable modems from Orange, Vodafone or Cosmote also work very well and can be purchased with different rates in their stores which can be found all over the city. If you do not know where to start looking for them, go to Piata Romana and walk down Magheru Bld.

There are a couple of large Internet service suppliers which offers other services in interesting packages as well, while there are also neighborhood Internet suppliers, depending on the area where you live. We list the main ones here and if you hear of a reliable neighborhood supplier, let us know.

Phone: +40 31 400 44 01 (technical assistance);
+40 31 400 65 00 (commercial details)
One of the main internet and cable TV services providers in Romania. It is a local company. Internet speeds are very good and so is the connection. It also offers landline telephony. You can pay your bill online on their website.

Romtelecom – re-branded in 2014 as Telekom
Phone: +40 21 1930 (sales support)
Romtelecom is mostly known for being a landline telephony operator, but its services package includes TV (Dolce) and Internet (Clicknet) as well. In our experience, you can sign a contract with them even if you are renting and you don’t own the house where you live, and even without providing a rent contract. They have been fast in installing Internet for one of the authors and the speed and connection is good.
It sends you the bill online and you can also pay online. Their site also has an English section.

Phone: +40 31 100 08 72
This company was initially established as a cable company but expanded and now offers Internet and fixed telephony as well.  You can also pay your bills online with them (in Romanian only).
With any of these companies above make sure you check the conditions that apply when ending the contract before the initial two-year period that is usually included by default on their contracts, in case you will need to leave Romania sooner than expected and the contract has been signed on your name.  The fees for these cases are higher in the first year and it might be more cost effective to ensure someone else will be using and paying the internet in your name until the initial contract expires.