Are you in the mood for some serious sport? Bucharest offers a wealth of different sporting activities sure to meet the needs of almost anyone. From to tennis tournaments to equine endurance and everything in between, there is somewhere for you to go. If you are interested in a sport but have never tried it, many of these locations have excellent programs for beginners too!


If you are a runner, or you would like to start running, this is the club to meet new people. RoClubMaraton is a running club with ~120 members. Being part of this runners’ community can help boost motivation and get various support.
The club has a quite active forum on a quite updated portal: Unfortunately, it is only in Romanian.
If you live in the northern part of Bucharest, you might join them for the group training taking place in Herastrau Park every Saturday at 8:30 in the morning. They meet at Charles de Gaulle’s statue and go couple of times around the lake (depending on individual shape). There are also group trainings in Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park, in Tineretului Park and in Drumul Taberei.
The president of the club can be contacted at: [email protected]

Want to go jogging every morning but don’t know where? No problem, we’ve got you covered. From our own experience, we can recommend Herastrau Park. It is directly at the Metro station Aviatorilor. One lap round around the lake is about 6.3 km. The lake is beautiful to look at while running, even if it is too dirty for a swim!

Another excellent location is Tineretului Park. This is the biggest park in the southern part of the city. You can reach it by both the Tineretului and Constantin Brâncoveanu Metro stations.
There is another tartan track in Stadion Tineretului, which is not located at all in the famous Tineretului Park in the south. The stadium is actually used as a rugby stadium, and there you can run on a tartan track. Last time we used it, it was free, but sometimes tartan tracks ask for a small fee. The stadium is located at 26 Marasti Street, close to the “Arc de Triumf”. Behind this stadium, there is another sports park where you can run and play tennis- they seem to change their admission rules every now and then, but if you are looking for a place to run (especially during the winter), it might be worth checking out. One very important thing to remember is to run in daylight. After dark, dogs can be a serious issue, especially in the winter when they tend to form packs as a survival mechanism. Also, keep in mind that it is instinctual for dogs to chase things; if you find yourself in a dangerous situation, stop and be sure to face the dog, don’t turn your back on it. This counts also if you ride a bike- it seems stray dogs get especially aggressive if a vehicle which does not make any noise passes them!
Hint! See the Stray Dogs section for more information on how to behave and where to go if you get bitten!