One of the best things about Cluj is its proximity to many wonderful destinations. Within a half hour drive are the in- credible Turda Salt Mine, with its indoor Ferris wheel, the gorgeous Turda Gorges nature reservation and canoeing on the Tarnița Lake. Drive up the Cetățuia hill passing the Village Museum and enjoy a picnic in the Hoia-Baciu  forest that cuts deep into the heart of the city. Or, drive up the Feleac hill and head to Făget, a very large forest sheltering the city from the South, where locals usually head for the weekends.

You can take a two day trip to Padiș, with hundreds of caves, underground rivers and canyons. If you decide to camp here, you’ll be sure to meet fellow travelers from all over the world.  One caveat: make sure you’re prepared for a proper camping experience, as there are very few amenities in the area.